Today changes everything. This album marks the advent of today. The last 5 years before the new Me.The time, where the voices in my head are up and runing. This album is a prequel.

To be honest, this is not my first album ever. I did ASROC (an experimental minimalism 5 track album) in april 2017. And of course some very interesting colabs with „The Voyager Project“ in 2007 to 2011.

So why does this one change everything?

It is the first album with tracks of my own. It is a compilation of some deep emotions, sometimes hard work, sometimes pure inspiration played in on take. It marks the moment when „I was a part of something“ goes to „I am“. It is the advent of a new me.


In 2011 I’ve started a project called „Fahles Licht“ (Pale Light), which should reflect a depression episode of mine. Tracks like Amer, Gemes and Rudenėja reflect this most. Night Slope is an illustration of some dark times in that. But this episode fortunatly ended in 2015, which results in the knowledge: I can’t bring Fahles Licht to an end. The depressive mood for the planned 3 more tracks is gone.

So, I decided to collect some material of this time, bring it to an end, master it to an album, and publish it. Here we are. Now you can listen to the very best of the voices in my head of the last 5 years. Take care of it. This album contains some very precious parts of my soul. Thank you.

voices in my head (the very best of) listen and buy on bandcamp